About Atlantic Key Energy
Our goal at Atlantic Key Energy is to help homeowners take advantage of the sun.

We know that owning your own power with solar energy is the easiest way to decrease your power bill, increase your home value, and protect the environment. All at the same time!

We help homeowners generate clean rooftop energy and lock-in affordable energy rate. So that when your neighbors are paying never ending rate increased, your payment for electricity will never go up! We are firm believers that solar homes sell for more! It just makes sense, who wouldn’t want to buy a home that already has solar?

Why Choose Us

We offer affordable pricing, experienced solar specialists and are known as one of the best solar companies in Florida to work with.

  • Top Rated Solar Company in Florida
  • Experienced Professionals
  • Affordable Solar Energy Pricing
What We Offer

Big Savings

Homeowners that produce their own energy can see instant savings on their power bill!

5-Star Experience

We do everything for you and will stay connected with you each step of the way.

Federal Tax Credits

Federal and local incentives make going solar a no-brainer for qualified homeowners.

25-Year Warranty

We stand behind everything we install and give you peace of mind that you’re protected.

Let's Start a Project Together

Get Started Today!

Isn’t it time you gave your roof a day job? We are looking forward to starting a project with you. Take back control of your energy today!


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Sign up with your email to get fresh updates about our events.