Atlantic Key Energy

Electrifying the World One Roof at a Time!

It is hard to imagine life with no electricity… because electricity secures our basic needs. When the power goes out, lives are put at risk. Just one of the many reasons to secure an endless source.

Ensuring life-saving communications after a devastating hurricane.

Protecting conservation efforts that save endangered wildlife.

Shaping healthier, stronger futures for communities around the world that need help.

These are just a few ways that Solar energy is is being used to change lives!

The future of energy is clean, renewable, and resilient, but most importantly it is freeing us from big energy dependency.

The next evolution is what are the most important end uses for human beings that need electricity?

We believe the number one is water! When that switch goes on and the water turns on, it doesn’t just bring life, it brings hope!

So how do we do something different? How do we provide clean water sources for them?”

– Hayes Barnard, Founder and President of GivePower.

In 2018, the GivePower foundation built its first-ever large-scale solar water farm.

Each water farm produces clean drinking water for up to 35,000 people every single day.

With today’s new technology, there is even more that we can do for those who need it the most.

Solar is power. It is scalable. It is sustainable. It is education. It is life. It is the future.

By going solar with Atlantic Key Energy and GivePower you have a direct impact contributing to a cleaner, better tomorrow.

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