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Gifting Kenya with Clean Water!

When you think about water, you think of it as a basic human necessity. For the people of Likoni, water is like the gold you have to really dig to get.

Likoni is a low-income community on the outskirts of Mombasa, Kenya, that houses about 200,000 people that experience extreme water scarcity.

They don’t have clean, freshwater of their own. It’s all imported for neighboring communities.

The cost of clean drinking water here is twice as much as the cost of the rent.

The citizens that cannot afford it are forced to drink the salty water which is not treated.

There are nearly a billion people worldwide that don’t have access to freshwater.

When people drink water that’s bacteria-laden with high salt content, it causes waterborne diseases that are a massive contributor to childhood deaths in the world.

And COVID-19 just really highlighted the need for clean water.

GivePowers and Atlantic Key Energy are providing a significant solution to a global water challenge with solar water.

The system produces up to 70,000 liters of water a day, which is enough to support 35,000 people.

Having clean water has made such a big impact on their community.

Think about the father who now doesn’t have to continuously take his children to hospital because of typhoid or holler up or the mom who has a small eatery and now she knows that her food will be delicious.

To have access to clean water this time, they make sure that their health is good,

When we bring water to a community, it impacts the health, it impacts the economic welfare of those communities to be able to lead more fruitful lives.

Going solar with Atlantic Key Energy and GivePower you can impact your life and the lives of millions in the developing world.


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